2 Mix Consoles in one project?

Hello! I saw a video on where the guy haves two mixer console in the same project, on where he have divided instruments and in the second just groups and FX

How can I divide it? I cant find the function

You can choose what types of channels to display at the top of the mixer. The button next to configurations.
Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 12.16.41.png

I have mine setup like this:

Or use the Visibility setting in the Right Zone of each Mixconsole to show different individual tracks in each Mixconsole.

When I mix I have all three Mixconsoles open. One just shows the Group Channels (which is where most of the action occurs by this point). The other 2 Mixconsoles are showing the exact same Channels (they are linked for channel visibility) but on one only the Channel Strip is visible and on the other the Sends, Inserts & other rack elements are available. This helps get around the problem of not having enough vertical space to see everything you want.

But I’m also at 4 monitors now, so I might not be fully rational on this topic. :astonished:

I use one of the mixers to just show input channels when I’m recording 16+ audio tracks at the same time. Makes it easy to spot hot signals that needs attention.

4 monitors! Nice. :wink:

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