2 new drop down menu columns visable via preferences

I thought that now we’ve become the video generation though some still need a written manuals (hopefully, but not always true) more in depth assistance - that we might be better assisted in a future update to Cubase to have a new set of preferences created and the features they would have attached to them.

1 of 2) In ‘all’ the drop down menus a new column next to each selection that you turn it’s view-ability on/off in the preferences - that gives you a direct link to the pdf manual page. So you want to try something but not sure if it’s the process you want, or just curious about what this selection does: you take your cursor and click on the newly added icon in this new column (next to any keyboard shortcut in the current extra column in a new column as a colored icon of a book) and badda boom there’s the area in the manual telling you about this choice/feature.

2 of 2) Similarly in ‘all’ the drop down menus another new column (of say a different colored icon of a video cam)

and it’s shown when chosen to be viewable in the preferences. You click on it while you’re in the drop down menu and again badda boom it launches a video tutorial that covers this subject. If there’s overlap with other subject in that column then the videos are have markers (I see that often in YouTube videos these days) and the clik sends you to a video on a longer video but to the chapter on this feature.

Is this a good idea? (I thought so, especially these days when there are soooooo many features, it’s difficult sometimes to know about them all until that moment when your either curious or in need of a feature that you ‘think’ might be this one, so let’s try clicking on that icon next to it and view the manual/video page on it.