2 Noob Questions From A 20 Year User :D

Be gentle. I used to know how to do this… :smiley:

  1. After I insert a new audio file into a montage, is there a one-click way to attach a start and end CD marker to the clip?

  2. Is there a one-click way to select a clip -and- its attached CD markers such that the markers move -with- the clip when I select the clip and move it left or right?



If you use the CD Wizard, the markers are already bound (attached) to each clip so the markers will follow along if you move a clip. If for some reason the markers are not bound (attached) a each clip, right click on the marker in the timeline and you can choose to bind it to a a clip Ising a few different options.


Not to tax yer patience, but…

I -thought- there was a way to:

  1. Select a clip
  2. Right click (somewhere) and then a command comes up to bind BOTH the surrounding beginning CD and ending CD markers to the clip all in one go.

I use the CD Wizard function, but doesn’t that generate markers for -all- clips? I don’t want to do that; only the current clip.


OK, this is what is so FUCKING MADDENING. I went back to my DAW to do a ‘demo’ of this and when I

  1. Select a clip by double clicking
  2. Hit the Insert menu, then click the CD pairs markers

The markers are generated -and- they are auto-magically bound to the clip. Which is -great-, but for the life of me I have NOOOOOO idea why it didn’t work that way last night.

I am 100% sure there is something -I- (granddad) did differently last night. BUT WAVELAB SHOULD TELL ME WHAT IT WAS.

There should be -some- visual indicator that it’s not only generating the markers, but also -binding- them. (Or not).



I’m a little lost but if you use CD Track Splice Markers (recommended) instead of a separate start/end marker for each song, then there is only one marker to add which can be done with a shortcut, and then you just have to bind one marker to the start of the selected clip. I can’t remember if there is a shortcut for that.

I do wish we could select a clip and have a start marker created with a certain amount of offset (or none).

I also wish there was better support for mass binding of markers.

At the risk of feeling even stupider… WHY would I want to use CD Splice Markers. From the PDF I have no idea how to use them or the benefits over doing what I’ve been doing.

FWIW: I am often -editing- existing montages. I add or move or delete clips dozens of times over a period of months. So I don’t use the CD Wizard so much because I don’t want to lose all my previous markers.

It seems like the Splice Markers screw with any previous markers you have set up.

(Of course, you’ll tell me that if I only would adopt a whole new workflow, my life would be ever so much better. Sorry. My snark leaks out. I just want WL to work how -I- want it to work. :smiley: )



Splice markers do away with the need for ‘pauses between tracks’. Arguably simpler to assemble.

Any tuts? Videos? I have no idea how to use this feature.



Well … we all work differently, but it’s pretty common to work with a montage that has two tracks … each new clip is added end-to-end in a staggered fashion. The start of the first track has the usual CD start marker. The rest of them have the single splice marker identifying the start of each new clip. The usual CD end marker is inserted after the last.

The CD Wizard allows you to check Splice Markers and have no pauses between tracks.

You can auto drag tracks into an existing montage placed end to end and staggered.

I’m not at all sure I’m doing much of a job explaining this sorry.