2(omit3) chords

Dear fellow Doricians,
I am working on a project where there are many X2(omit3) chords (where X is the root of the chord). Alas, if I write Dsus2omit3 in the chords popover, Dorico crashes… Any advice ?

Theoretically, 2(omit3) is equivalent to sus2, so I think using sus2 is just appropriate in most cases, unless you really want something different.

Thanks MrofsnartReiruof (FourierTransform?)
It’s not my choice, I try to follow the composer’s will.

I believe you would need to manually edit the chord suffix in Engrave mode. You would need to do this one time per root, and then that modified chord could be copy-pasted as needed.

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You can do this all in one edit if you don’t need a chord like G2 elsewhere in the project. Start by setting the “appearance of suspended second” to “2 only.” Chords will look like this:

In Project Default Appearances, enter Dsus2 (or any root) and hit +. Click the 2, then click the Edit Component pencil underneath to go to the Edit Chord Symbol Component window. Hit the trash can to delete the 2, then type in “2(omit3)” in the Text tab using the font.chordsymbols style. Hit OK, Apply, Close and your score will have updated all the chord symbols.

You’ve redefined 2 to now be 2(omit3) wherever it appears in a chord symbol.

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Thanks Fred. I’m gonna talk with the composer to see whether we choose Dan’s or your answer as a solution for his piece :slight_smile:

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