2 panning issues?

1.) I have always set my default panning to stereo dual panner in previous Cubase versions, in Cubase 7 however, I can no longer do this. In preferences, it tells me the Stereo Dual Panner is for remote control devices only? What the heck is this and why can’t I have the stereo dual panner working like it was in Cubase 4-6.5?

2.) Since Cubase 5.5, I have loved double clicking on the panning section of the mixer and having a large, separate floating window appear that I can fine tune the panning with. Having a few of these open simultaneously, for various tracks in a project, makes it really nice to fine tune the panning of various elements against each other in a much easier way, then having to jump back and forth between the channels themselves and fiddle with that really small panning section on the mixer channel itself.

Again, a hasty first post by me :blush: . I got curious and went back to try again, I found out if you hold alt and double click on the panning, the floating window does appear, it actually looks nicer than it did in Cubase 6.5 and functions just the same. You have to hold alt while sliding the L and R values to their desired place too. I am glad to see this functionality is not gone!

It works very similar to the stereo dual panner as well, where you can set different values for L and R, which is primarily what I was after.

I was going to delete this thread in shame, but figured maybe someone can learn from my mistake.

Absolutely! I tried this yesterday to no avail, read your post, and now I’m back in business! Thanks…

I discovered something odd about the stereo dual panner (I think that’s the one - the one that pans left and right together):

If you, for instance, have both channels at extreme left and right and then pan left the left channel remains at the extreme and the right moves to the left, decreasing the separation - as it should be.

Then if you come back later and pan things back center again the right moves back far right, left stays left, full separation again - as it should be.

However, if after the first step - panning left - you then deactivate the panner (with the button on the left) and then reactivate - THEN pan back left again the separation remains reduced. The left channel moves toward the center. The panner “forgets” the original relative positions.

I guess that’s the way it should be . . . right? Or no?