2 PC’s one dongle

Hi all

Before the dongle knights start chirping, I’m perfectly happy with the dongle. So I have 2PC’s right next to each other (10cms apart) each with its own sound card…(1 is attached to an external COVID proof sound booth. My question is, can I use one of those USB port sharing devices to share the dongle between the 2PC’s? I am aware that I can only use one version of C11 at a time, I just don’t want to be continually plugging and unplugging the dongle. Would rather do it remotely, a software switch preferably. Thoughts people?

Best Regards, Dave

I’ve got this taped under my desk with a cheap powerless 4-port usb3 splitter with the dongle, cc121 and a 25key midi keyboard connected.
Never had an issue with it.


Thank you Hurmpie, that’s all I needed to know, brilliant :slight_smile:

Best Regards, Dave