2 players as different voices in a single staff


I would like to create a “condensed” full score where Flute I and II appear as voice 1 and 2 in a single staff named Flutes (and similarly for Oboe I and II, etc.).

Is that possible? How?


An official reply, of course, will be best, but this sort of thing has been asked about before-- including by me, and the response has been that this capability is planned at some unspecified point in the future.

As DaddyO mentioned, it is planned that Dorico will handle such situations automatically in the future. For now, you’ll have to write both voices yourself in a new Player and change its name accordingly. Eventually, you can write the second player in its own staff already in a downstemmed voice — when you copy it into the staff that will hold the music for both players, that second voice will be pasted into the correct voice.

I think this capability is very important.
An optional checkbox, somethink like: “Place all instrruments of groups in a single staff” in the Layout Options would be great!

I agree, it is very important, and I think the development team have it on their list!

I think there’s a bit more to such a change than simply thinking of a user interface for it. Doubtless the Dorico Team will come up with a thorough solution as soon as possible based on the Team’s roadmap.