2 problems with playback using BBCSO Discover

I installed BBCSO Discover yesterday and am having two problems with playback:

  1. I imported into my project the BBSO Discover expression maps kindly provided by Estigy, assigned the BBSO Discover playback template to my project, and have a separate instance of the Spitfire player for each instrument (inconvenient, but seems to be required). The end result is that each instrument plays back with the correct instrumental sound but with no changes of articulation even when notated in the score—it seems like the expression maps are being ignored.

  2. The Dorico mixer seems to be non-functional—the relevant number of channels appear but instrument names are missing and in spite of volume sliders in their default positions, no volumes show when instruments are playing.

I am hoping I have missed something basic and welcome suggestions.

(I probably should have included this post under the existing “BBC SO Expression Map” topic and have no problem with it being moved there.)

  1. Just guessing here… but when you applied your playback template the Xmaps that were in effect when you saved the endpoint configuration will be applied. Did you reapply the correct Xmaps provided by Estigy?

Have you configured the numbers of channels that Dorico is showing in the mixer?

I had the same problems, then I decided to do some rigorous housekeeping:

  • Every staff gets its own BBCSO instrument instance
  • Every staff gets routed to channel 1 of this instrument. (When you add players and they are being assigned to the HALion player initially, their output channel will be different. Set them to channel 1 manually.)
  • This channel has to use the correct expression map in the configuration dialog.
  • Every VST instrument gets reduced to 1 channel for input (the input at the top of the dialog) and shows only 1 channel to the mixer (the input at the bottom).

This setup works, meaning you get only the lines you need in the mixer and the lanes are labeled correctly.

If you have some staves that can share a BBC instrument (e.g. Clarinet 1, 2, and 3) you can route them to channels 1, 2, and 3 of the same instrument. Then configure the instrument to take 3 channels as input and show 3 channels to the mixer (using the same expression map on all 3 channels).

I hope this helps. If you need more assistance, please post a screenshot of your instrument routing configuration (the dialog that opens when you click on the clog icon next to the VST instrument).

Thanks, fratveno and Estigy. I will work on this again tonight and let you know how I fare.