2 questions about a metric modulation

  1. Is there a best way to insert arrows with the metric mod (i.e. the quarter to the left becomes the dotted quarter to the right)

  2. When I try to combine a text marking w/ a metric modulation it doesn’t work. I can get one or another using the shift-T popover, but not both. Is there a way to do this?

  1. Use Metrico to make a text object, and you can mix a different font for the arrow.

  2. If you’re doing both as a tempo object, make the second one slightly further, at the next rhythmic position. Do it in note input mode.


Metrico supports arrows. Type > or < to get them.

Cool - I got Metrico and was able to make the expression without issue.
But… I have two more questions!

  1. What’s the easiest way to have the text expression appear in all parts (new-ish Dorico user, I know I should know this)

  2. Can I assign a non-metronome tempo marker a tempo for playback?

and… I answered the first question by hitting command 8…

To make the text appear in all voices, use System Text. Alt-Shift-X.