2 questions regarding recording midi and latency

Hello got couple questions been wanting to ask

  1. Regarding latency and midi, i mostly respective record and mostly at 25ms or 13ms latency, is there a way to calculate the latency for adjusting the midi to how i exactly played it, rather than manualy draggin the midi and trying to estimate it?

  2. whenever i record or respective record midi in a loop if i hold a note at the end of the loop, as it loops that midi note gets cut off and doesnt continue onto the next lane. This creates problems as often find dont know how exactly i played and where i let go of that note. is there a way to make it otherwise that it continues to record the midi when loops?

thanks so much

Please ne help with either of these questions would be much appriciated, thanks

Q1, your MIDI info should be exactly where you played it, if that isn’t the case and Auto Q isn’t switched on in the transport menu, then I think you may need to look at Devices>MIDI port> System Timestamp. If these tick boxes aren’t set correctly for your system, your MIDI will likely be all over the place. I have the top box ticked here, but that may not be ideal for you - experiment.

Q2 Sorry, I can’t help there, I rarely record using that method.


thanks so much parrotspain now recording correctly :slight_smile:

if neone knows about second question please post