2 Running instances of Cubasis creates ghost notes

Today I was recording some AUv3 synth via a bluetooth keyboard when Cubasis 2.8.1 just crashed.
After the crash I was annoyed by some duplicate ghost notes that seem to originate from nowhere.
Closing and reopen did not help so I closed it again and did an iPad restart.

I was surprised to find Cubasis open after the restart since I was sure I closed the session before the restart.
There must have been a ghost instance of Cubasis running in the background.

Before going to iOS 13, I never had this and other problems and I do regret updating my iPad.
Is there any chance that Cubasis 2 will get any better on iOS 13?

HI MarcelX,

Thank you for your message.
So far, we did not see the issue.

Are you able to reproduce the problem? Are 3rd party instruments involved?
If so, could you please let us have the steps?


Hi Lars,

I can not reproduce this specific problem. And while trying to do so I am confronted with crashes an other strange behavior.
Even projects that I created under iOS 12 without issues, are unusable now.

At this moment I feel there might be something very wrong with the app installation and I wish to reinstall Cubasis.
Though I fear for all projects that might get lost and looking into a way to backup.