2 Score edit issues

  1. I believe this issue started when I upgraded to 8.0. I have a memory that if I solo’d a track in score edit (which I use primarily) when I exited the editor and went back to the arrange page, all tracks would play. In other words, in the past the solo button located inside the edit windows only solo’d when I was inside the edit window itself, once I exited the window all tracks would play. Is this memory correct? If so, is there any preference I need to check on?

  2. I believe this issue started when I upgraded to 8.5. When I open multiple staffs in the score editor and then edit one of the staffs, the other staffs disappear fro the editor. Anyone else having this issue?

Any thoughts are appreciated.



  1. This is working correctly here. It should ‘just work’.

  2. Are you double-clicking on the staff by any chance? If so it sounds like you have this pref set: “Double click on staff flips between full score/part” (Prefs>Scores>Editing)


Thanks for your response. As to the preference you mention for issue 2), it was not selected. But, I went and selected it, then de-selected it and things are working fine. As to the first issue, I guess I will need to trash the preferences and let them rebuild. This is a bit of a mystery, so i guess preferences trashing will solve it.

Again, Thanks.


Yep. Sounds like. You’re most welcome.