2 second offset

Hi, I’m new to Cubase and have Cubase 8.5. I’m a bit of a recording novice also but have recorded using other systems. I have a problem where, when having recorded a track It looks fine but when I playback it has an offset of 2 seconds (delay), the playback is 2seconds behind the cursor passing the waveform. On the info bar along the top of the screen there is a series of info headings when track is highlighted, one being ‘offset’ & this states ‘0.2.000’. When recording I used the metronome with a 2 bar precount but even when I remove this it makes no difference to the end result. This is not a latency problem with my interface which has a latency of 5milliseconds for input & 8 milliseconds for output. Please can anyone advise how to solve this irritating problem.