2 small lines top right of midi clips

Ahh, I’ve done something which I believe links midi clips, but just cannot figure out how to change it …

I had a midi clip in one track I wanted to copy and drag to another drag. I did shft + alt and this seemed to work.

I then edited one of the clips - deleted some notes and it deleted some notes from the other clip also.

I see each clip has 2 small white lines in top right of the clip - I guess that means linking — how can I copy without linking, and how can I unlink them - I tried the manual and a forum search but couldn’t find anything, though I guess it must be easy :slight_smile:

<[Shift]-[Alt] + drag> creates a “shared copy.” If you want to make a normal copy use <[Alt] + drag>. You can easily unlink shared copies by using “convert to real copy.” Search the manual for “shared copy” and you’ll be good to go…

Great - thanks. And I discovered in the manual now I found “shared copy” that the “2 small lines” are in fact an “equals” sign :slight_smile: