2 Small Questions for Score Editor Mode


I only just recently realized that the score editor existed (new to Cubase) and have a few questions on how to use it more effectively.

  1. All of the tutorial videos I have looked up have shown people changing a pitch by clicking and dragging. Is there any way to set things up so I can move a note up or down in pitch via the arrow keys like in Sibelius? Currently, when I press the arrow keys, it changes which staff I have highlighted. I AM able to do shift+arrow key to change the note’s octave, though.

  2. Besides shrinking the main window, is there a way to keep the score editor open whilst being able to see the piano roll/key editor? Right now, if I open the score editor and mess around in there, I can see the changes on the piano roll which is nice, but I’d also like to be able to do the opposite, move the events in the key editor and see that change in the score. Currently, if I click anywhere on the key editor, the score editor gets hidden from me.

And if anyone has any tips they wish they’d known earlier in regards to the Score Editor, please let me know! My teachers are suggesting I use it more since I have a more classical background so seeing things on a staff makes them much clearer to me than the piano roll which is relatively new to me.

Thank you for your time and assistance,


  1. I’m afraid this is not possible.

  2. You can open one of the editor in the Lower Zone and another one in the separated window, or you can open both editors in the separated window at the same time. See the Preferences > Editors. Here you can set up, when the editor should be displayed in the Lower Zone and when in the window. By default double-click to the MIDI Part opens the editor in the Lower Zone, by using Key Command, the editor opens in the window. If Key Editor is set as a default MIDI Editor, you can double-click to open it in the Lower Zone and then press Ctrl+R to open the Score Editor in the window.

If you are scoring oriented, maybe you should consider Dorico.

  1. That’s really surprising and a shame. :confused:

  2. But is there a way to sort of lock the separated windows in place? If I click on the lower zone, the separate window gets minimized/hidden. This is what I’d like to have things look like and stay like when I click on either window:


The only workaround I’ve found so far is to minimize the main window and have them side by side. This practically necessitates hiding the left region which is unfortunate and generally means I have a lot less space to work in:


Is there any way to get things to stay like the top picture while I work in the key editor? I’d like to be able to have the score open for reference while I’m moving things around.

  1. This is possible.
    In Key Commands : assign up and down arrows to Nudge Up and Nudge Down.

  2. As Martin said. Though the best solution would be to work on 2+ monitors.

And, welcome to the Score Editor. :wink:

Thank you very much!!