2 small requests

Great work on WLPro9 PG!
There are 2 small things to do with tabs in the audio editing window which have changed which I hope you might restore. The shift+tab key command (to move to the next tab) I find awkward as I’m left handed and I previously had a single key command assigned for this which worked well. However in WL9 the next tab key command is locked so the assignment can’t be changed - is there any reason for this and could it be unlocked? The other thing is that when you right click on a tab (with many files open) the option to ‘close all files’ has gone - any chance of it back?

“Close All Files” is available on the File Group Tab but not on the actual file tabs.

I also wish for an assignable shortcut for this because I actually choose to keep the File Group Tabs hidden in favor of saving space.
Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.36.07 AM.png

could it be unlocked?

Yes, I can change this.

Thanks, much appreciated.