2 small routing tool device ( VST3? )

Sends are here, and you can set them to pre or post fader.
Now if i have an FX chain, with a very needed reverb just before the fader, the send will only send the sound with the reverb…

And i’m wondering about an “effect”, or device that can be inserted in a effect slot, it does not affect the sound, like a bypassed effect, but from within you can choose different destinations for the signal, a send device could resume it ^^

And then be able to find those sended signals into side-chain, input for groups, or directly to FX tracks… and if we have an emitter we need to have a receiver, a “return” or catch device, that will also act as a bypass but also as a mini-mixer ( for the signal coming from above the chain, and the catched send channels.)

That’s it… Send and Return devices throwable anywhere


The man in the video, is like me, sometimes we just have to use 4 channel just for an effect… with a type of send and receive devices that could be inserted anywhere in the FX chains, and the ability to change the track channel numbers within a stereo track, and without putting the whole project to quadro config.