2 things I still hate about Cubasis

Ok, first of all, Cubasis is my go to IOS Daw, and I pretty much have all the main ones, Auria Pro, BM3, GarageBand, Modstep, Gadget, IMPC Pro, Nanostudio 2 , Beathawk, FL Studio and a few more. Out of them all I find myself reaching for Cubasis first with GarageBand band running a close second because of its ability to send songs to Logic Pro. I love working in Cubasis but there are two things I hate about it.

First, I hate how everything I record is layered or overdubbed on top of each other , ie, if I record audio on a track, and I go back to punch in on the same track to fix a mistake , the old audio is always heard and being played with it. Same thing with midi tracks. While in some cases it’s useful , more so when it comes to midi, not so much when it comes to punching in audio. I really don’t want to hear the old audio on the same track. I would love if there were an option to either overdub or replace the audio or midi on the chosen track. The way it is now I have to spend too much time getting rid of audio Before I can punch in. In a future update I would love to just record over audio and replace it, simple as that. ( I’m hoping there is a setting I missed where we can replace audio when recording but I have not seen any such setting anywhere ).

The second thing is recording mode. If we set a recording mode, it should stay in that mode until WE change it, ie, if I set recording mode to auto punch, it should stay in that mode until I change it instead of taking itself out of auto punch every time I record something. I should not have to have to constantly go back and change the recording mode to auto punch. Again, It should stay set to that mode until I’m finished using it in that mode.

I would still love to see a more mature mixer, but I really wish the 2 things I mentioned where changed. That would make Cubasis even faster as a Daw for me personally. Other than that it’s my fav IOS Daw.

Hi Strizbiz,

We’re sorry that you hate two things about the app, but same way happy that Cubasis is your fav iOS DAW… :slight_smile:

As mentioned, overdubbing audio currently behaves similar like a looper in Cubasis.
We consider to add the second mode (upper audio to be played back only) in a future update.

I will make sure to discuss the Auto Punch topic with the team as well.


10 months later and this still a problem. At least the OP mentioned that this is a problem with the other apps too. I just don’t get it… I could do this on any PC DAW 15 years ago. Is this technically challenging? Or do so few people use these apps to record actual music that there is no point supporting it? Please Cubasis, I need “proper” over dubbing!

Hi rpgonzalez,

Cubasis 3 offers both a looper and overdub recording mode:

Best wishes,