2-up printing to ledger paper using Acrobat Reader - margins too large

This probably isn’t a “Dorico issue” per se, but I thought I would mention it. A high percentage of the stuff I write ends up layout out nicely on 2 letter-sized sheets per part. When printed as individual pages I tape together, I find the note size ideal. One would think that, because ledger paper is exactly the size of two letter sheets side-by-side, if you print 2-up on ledger, all the printed features would be exactly the same as when printing two letter sheets, But when I save to PDF and then print using the “multiple” option of Acrobat reader, the notes (and everything else,) end up being much smaller. with huge margins.

I have “solved” this by simply changing my Dorico template to have very thin margins (.35"). But it seems like this shouldn’t be necessary.

Has anybody tried CutePDF? It may be PC-only.

Anybody know of other PDF apps that do a better job of 2-up printing?

I tested CutePDF Pro. It doesn’t do 2-up printing at all. It does have an “Impose” button that purports to convert a normal PDF into a new PDF that is laid out as 2-up or whatever. But I coun’t get that to do anything reasonable.

Have you tried PDF-MusicBinder - Notation Central ?

No, I was not aware of that. Thanks for that tip.
I did try the free Foxit reader and it seems to do better than Acrobat.

Can’t one print a 2-up layout directly to PDF in Dorico > Print? That would avoid needing to use a PDF program to combine pages, at least for simple pagination.