2 VST Live Issues i am having

Hi, i am currently having 2 issues with Layers and Video.
1st, when i start a track that contains a keyboard layer the song lags for approx .5 to 1 second, the audio is not affected but the video and lyrics autocue freeze briefly as well. When the song starts the Layer loads a vst plugin " Korg Wavestation " which is controlled by an external midi keyboard.
2nd, When a song ends and the software goes to the next track and pauses the video displays our banner but we are experiencing black and somtimes blue screens at the begining of the song and when i breifly start the track the video appears. i then have to rtz the song so the video is displayed correctly.
i have uploaded videos to hopefully show the issues.

Thanks, In advance.

Did you try “File/Preload” (or “Preload Parts”) already?
Also, depending on the video(s), it may take time for the preload function to load. You may try to convert to different format.
But you should try the preload functions(s) first. Some plugins take a lot of time to start, preload starts plugins beforehand to make switching to Songs and Parts faster. Preload Parts also starts audio processing of plugins for a short time for plugins which make additional initialization when audio processing is started for the first time (they shouldn’t, but some do). It basically does the same as if you select each Part manually once, this is the safest method to prepare and “prime” processing before the show.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I have tried the preload Parts and that solved the layer loading freeze problem but some of the videos are still not loading properly at the start of the track. I have also tried the Preload Song but with the same result. All the videos are rendered using the same software and settings and it is not the same videos every time it is random. Is there a particular video format and encoder settings that works better with VST Live ?.

Videos can be extremely different, some require very sophisticated hardware (cpu, graphics card) to be played back fluidly when a lot of other actions are going on. Playing an 8k video with a laptop and running 20 audio tracks will probably not work well.

When you are in stop and locate to 1.1.0, wait a bit and play: is video ok then?

Hi! Just a question:
Is multi-thread active for video playing in preferences/video?

Thanks for your response, yes when i start the track the video starts and plays ok, it is just not showing when the track is first loaded at 0001.1.1 at the very beginning sometimes, so i tried starting each track using the start marker at around 0001.2.1, and set the song action to start at start marker and that worked all the videos showed up on screen at their start frame in our case this is our Banner, so the videos are ok it is maybe something that could be looked into, maybe a bug or something. So just to add, we did our first live show last night with VST Live Pro, and everything ran smoothly. We had 1 projection, 2x Autocue scrollers, control change for our guitar effect pedals and Midi keyboard. Thanks guys what a great bit of kit.

Thanks for sharing!