2 week delay to use Cubase because USB elicenser died

My USB stick died so I bought a new one. I got this message from Steinberg:

“Package your key well and be sure to ship in a method that has a tracking number. Once we receive your key we will begin the process to get you a new activation code which will be emailed to you. This often takes 1-2 days but occasionally can take up to 5 business days. In the meantime you will need to buy a new Steinberg Key. You can buy this from a local Steinberg dealer (Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Sweetwater), or you can order one directly from our Shop online at USB-eLicenser | Steinberg
Once you have the new activation code via email you can download a new Steinberg license to your new key. Instructions for downloading the license will be included with the email containing your new activation code.”

I just started trying Pro Tools and I can’t imagine that they would have you send the Ilok to them if it died. This makes Cubase look like software for hobbyists. I do a bit of paid work with it but I am glad that it is not what I use to make my main living.

Yeah, keys are strange.

I mean Cubase cost me like £600 so far with updates, and I happened to get the Ci2+ interface as a bonus.
They make us use a key.

yetI spent £1000 on Komplete 7 and Komplete 8 Ultimate and all you have is an account and some serials.

Also it’s kinda ironic, I would have never have bought Cubase had I not used And learnt the advanced basics. Over a year or two on a not very legal copy.
I wanted to try Pro Tools when I was ready to actually lay down money to buy a DAW but I wasn’t prepared to buy an iLok to trial it so I just went with what I knew and what I was comfortable with…CUbase.

Maybe one day someone will figure this copy protection thing that makes it beneficial for both sides.

So this: USB elicenser died- no response yet from steinberg - Cubase - Steinberg Forums didn’t work out?

I have a second USB dongle in a drawer for just this eventuality.

Yeh me too, its mega old relic though (from a copy of Cubase SL1) I should put it in a sarcophagus really :laughing: he he - but I’m glad I have a spare being the clumsy goofball that I am (trip…spilll…waaaahhhhh)! :blush:

I have to say though that I’ve always had a lot of confidence in the Steinberg dongles in that they seem really reliable from my experience (as such I feel for you as its major unlucky that yours died PW) :frowning: but I think its kinda rare too. I do find it reassuring to use a dongle that is supported by the manufacturer of the software though (as opposed to some third party company like Pace/iLock) because at least Steinberg have a vested interest in trying to look after you.

I say this because I’ve just ordered my first iLock - gulp :cry: (which is something I never wanted to do) but I purchased a license for the ‘Kawai Ex Pro’ from Acoustic Samples (slaver slaver paw paw), and I have to say I’m a little panicy about it, I guess I’ve just been jaded by the relentless amounts of negative press/bad experiences online. :confused:

Its not fair to judge though so I’ll try and keep an open mind, friends use them and don’t seem to have any problems! :slight_smile:



I have just ordered one a little while ago, because the plastic case of the one I use at this moment is becoming a bit loose. Not that strange, because I use it on my lappy when I have to travel, so it has undergone some “situations”. I now have to decide if I keep the new key for “emergency” or just transfer the licenses from the old key to the new one. I have used the old key for a Cubase 6.5 trial, but never for a 7.0 trial. I wonder if the 6.5 trial would be seen as a 7.0 trial also. In that case the old key is no longer usable as “emergency” key. Hmmm… have to figure that one out…

Anyway - As these devices are not very expensive there is no reason not the have a “emergency key” laying around.

It’s recommendable to have at least one spare key. I take mine from home to work every day, and that makes if fall apart over time. Never had any problem with them though. I buy a new one every 2 years or so to be safe, it doesn’t cost much money. I have 4 at the moment.

Besides, old keys can be used to store demo licenses. Each key can store a different license of the same program I think, so you can demo several times. Demos are also useful to complete your work while the main key is being repaired, as they are fully functional.

Just buy a new key, get the Cubase 7 trial and start working again. The demo license will work just fine with your installed version, you don’t need to install anything.

Great idea. Just ordered a backup dongle. :slight_smile:

Protools and ilok are worse they are naturious for blowing up, to the extent that ilok makes a business out of replacements…you can always download a demo version to the new key until u get your licenses

I just started trying Pro Tools and I can’t imagine that they would have you send the Ilok to them if it died.

With PT and ALL iLok software you will have to send in the old iLok and and you also have to pay a fee for replacement and you have to wait around a week for your licences unless you pay an annual fee (ZDT)to get immediate temporary licences or an extortionate one off fee to “backdate” this cover

As has been said…you can download a Cubase demo licence to your new dongle and you can work immediately.

So is Cubase still looking like software for hobbyists??

Gulp… :cry: My 1st iLock is on its way from Amazon (try to think happy thoughts!) :unamused:

After thought: I hope they have offices in England :astonished:

I downloaded the demo version and it doesn’t seem possible to get the updates past the first version. Superior drummer is now not showing up now but that may be a Toontrack issue.

It is definitely a good idea to replace the ilok before it dies. Mine was old and I didn’t realize that you had to send it away if it died. What do you do if you lose it?

I am going to call Avid today and find out their policy. I am going to buy pro tools anyway so it would be good to know.

I am going to call Avid today and find out their policy. I am going to buy pro tools anyway so it would be good to know.

Actually one part of my previous statement was wrong…even with no ZDT it appears Avid will supply a temporary licence for a registered copy of PT while your iLok is in the post on the way to PACE.

Remeber PACE/iLok are independent so it is their policies you need to be aware of as well as the software manufacturers…particularly if you have a lot of other software on the iLok.

After thought: I hope they have offices in England

Nope… USA only.

Youch :open_mouth: I’m glad I own Cubase and not ProTools - a few VSTi’s I can live without for a couple of weeks if push came to shove, but the whole creative process brought to its knees is a far deeper issue - go Steiny - woohaa :laughing:

A demo of cubase is a good idea to get up and running, but what about halion sonic ? Can you get a fully functional demo of Halion Sonic or other plug ins from steinberg that need an eliscenser ?

Halion Sonic, yes.