2 x marcato

How to set two marcato symbols above a note? Or how to combine an accent and a marcato? It’s not my idea, but one of my composers like this.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen two marcatos stacked above a single note, and I’m afraid Dorico doesn’t provide a good way to do this. You could input it in text by typing Shift+X to create a text item, then paste in this character, which looks like a box here but which will produce a marcato if you set the font for the text item to Bravura or Bravura Text:

Again, Dorico doesn’t allow both an accent and a marcato to appear on the same note, but using the same technique you could add the accent as a real articulation and then position the marcato as a text item.

In future I expect we will provide an easier way to add a musical symbol that doesn’t have any of the built-in intelligent semantics or positioning to make painting outside the lines a little easier, but it will take us a bit of time to get there.

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Alexander Plötz actually brought this up in his Dorico review on the Sibelius blog, supported by the following proof from Ligeti:

Well, there are always exceptional cases. Hopefully you will appreciate that there is some sense in balancing common notational needs versus interface and algorithmic complexity which means that not every possible outlier – as surely you agree this Ligeti surely is – can be accommodated without the use of some creative solutions on the part of the user.

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Yes indeed! I’ve never had to do this myself, and I would not expect this to be possible with Dorico’s default handling of articulations. I just thought I’d mention that the phenomenon does exist, and that it therefore should be possible in one way or another, which you’ve mentioned it already is.

BTW, these stacks of articulations are actually featured in the November 2.0 font. While not entirely ideal, I guess they can become useful if or when Dorico allows the user to assign custom articulations.

Also, don’t forget that Ligeti had a very quirky sense of humour - see http://www.classical-music.com/topic/györgy-ligeti for some more examples :wink:

My solution: New Playing Technique, using the marcato symbol. When added, it resides exactely over the regular accent and looks perfect. Even better: You can add multiple by just repeatedly clicking on the technique.

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