2011 Will Be a Good Year For Music (Unlike 2010)

Pretty much none of my favorite bands released albums in 2010, but they are almost all expected in 2011.

Expect new albums from:

The Mars Volta
Dream Theater
Queens of the Stone Age
Polkadot Cadavor
Emilie Autumn
The Diablo Swing Orchestra
Pagan’s Mind
And various others…

Even “System of a Down” AND “The Dresden Dolls” have both reformed for a tour, and an album is POSSIBLE from either.

That shapes up to be a pretty cool music year… :sunglasses:

I don’t listen to much music outside of this forum - just a bit of live stuff at the local mostly. I heard plenty of good stuff here last year… I expect this year will be no different.




As always, you guys need to get out more. :stuck_out_tongue:

And more music from Tones2??? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

So lots of Prog Rock coming out this year? Bleugh! :wink:

Sadly 2011’s musical reputation has already been sullied by the all the attention and hype being given the truly horrendous Jessie J who is being made out like she’s the second coming or something despite her music being intolerable shite:

Hopefully however Patrick Wolf will finally get round to releasing the album that was supposed to be out last year and hopefully it won’t be as overblown as the one he released earlier!

Not ALL prog rock above. Queens of the Stone Age, Polkadot Cadavor, Emilie Autumn, & The Dresden Dolls are certainly not prog-rock. :slight_smile:

Yep. Working on two seperate songs currently. :slight_smile:

Won’t ever be a good year for music until a few choice genres have been completely erased from civilization’s memory by time. :wink: :mrgreen:

Or you can simply choose to ignore those genres, as do I. :slight_smile:

Impossible, assaulted from all directions. :imp:

Hehe! +10

There have been a few threads regarding the “dumbing down” of each generation to follow. Certain genres of music seem to follow this same mentality. Is it any wonder they are wildly popular as well?

Except of course for the few, the proud, the assaulted… musicians. :mrgreen: