2048 buffer size - is this a normal setting to use?

So I was having issues with very very long preset loading times with native instruments kontakt 6 ,but I then found that when I changed Cubase’s buffer size to 2048, and turned off multi core processing that everything went back to normal with normal preset loading times.

Are these normal settings to have for most people though, or will they potentially cause issues with other VST instruments or much larger projects later on down the line?

A buffer size of 2048 is not normal. Even at high sample rates that will lead to excessive latency. Turning off multi-core processing when using Kontakt inside a DAW is normal. That feature tends to conflict with the similar feature in DAWs.

I would check with NI if you’re having problems with preset loading times.

Thanks for that. Getting hold of NI seems quite a challenge but I will try again. No one has replied to any of my messages. By the way were you saying you should turn off multicore processing in Kontakt or in cubase or in both ? By the way I wonder why the presets load quickly when I have record track enabled set to off though? Would that possible suggest an issue with Cubase ?

Multicore processing should be turned on in Cubase and, almost always, off in Kontakt.

thanks :smiley:

Try modifying ASIO Guard and see what happens.

So I turned cubase multicore back on, switched on Asio Guard and tried low, normal and high, and the presets in kontakt once the synth was loaded, went back to a 30 second load time. So that didn’t work.

The only way the VST synth called Bass Synth (just came out) works in kontakt is by setting cubase buffer to 2048. All my other kontakt synths work in much lower buffer settings. Its just this one. I contacted wave alchemy but they have just said to do a batch reserve which didn’t do anything. and a, still waiting for NI to get back to me.

As I’ve mentioned though, whenever i turn off track record enable though, all bass synth presets load perfectly fine under any cubase settings even 256 buffer.

Strange problem. It does sound like you are saying it is only with a specific instrument (Bass Synth) in Kontakt only (not other VSTs). I submitted support tickets for similar type problems in Reaktor and Kontakt a few years past (three different times) and never heard a single peep from NI on any of them. The NI forum may offer some help but if it is a programming type issue then moderators and users there likely won’t be able to help. If NI does respond, they may just point you toward the Bass Synth developer (Wave Alchemy). Anyway, I hope you figure it out.

Yeah I’ve fired off emails to WA and NI and not heard back but I will persist. Just wanted to see whether it might be a cubase issue what with the record enable quirk. But thanks anyway.

That is actually why I was wondering about the ASIO Guard settings because ASIO Guard treats tracks with record enabled differently when I does it’s pre-calculation magic.

Ok, are there any other settings with the asio guard I can try other than the low normal high settings ?

In the VST Plugin Manager, you can completely disable ASIO Guard for a particular plugin. There may be other things also but I can’t think of any right now. I don’t mean to send you on a wild goose chase or get your hopes up either. It was just an idea I had that might help.

Really? I wonder if that is why I’ve been having Kontakt issues this past year with Cubase 10. Is there any downside to turning off multi-core processing? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry to jump in but just wondeing what your exact cubase audio settings are if you’ve managed to get kontakt working ok at any point?

I use Kontakt and I very rarely use it with multi instruments for all the reasons listed above. When you untick multi-core processing in Kontakt loading more than one instrument can in some circumstances overload the core that Kontakt is using. Some of the instruments can use a fair amount of CPU. For these reasons I tend to use a number of different instances of Kontakt.

Cool I see - I only use one instance of kontakt with Wave Alchemy Bass Synth, and boy those presets take an age to load even in an empty project. Oh well

I had the same problem with BASS SYNTH (located on a ssd unit) and cubase 10 and not with kontact 6 in standalone mode (not in cubase).
I turn off “asio guard” for kontakt 6 un the plugin manager. I turn off “load samples in background” and “Multiprocessor support (VST-Plugin” in kontakt 6.
I have a 256 buffer size with my RME asio settings. And now loading of presets works normaly. I expect it works fine also for you.

Hi thanks, unfortunately that didn’t work when i tried all you suggested. I’ve attached photos of my cubase and kontakt settings - do you think there’s some other setting I have that might be causing this ?

I had to add another post as it any allowed sharing of three images in one post

hears the other settings in the photo

I have a pc with windows 10 64 bits and you a Mackintosh computer so…
Here is my settings if it can help you.
load import.jpg