220V Power Supply for MR816CSX or (Yamaha PA30)


I need to get a 220V Power Supply for my MR816CSX to use it outside USA the manual says it uses Yamaha PA30 with the following specifications:

  • Model: PA 30
  • Input: AC120V 60 Hz~ 65VA
  • Output: AC18VX2 1.4A 60Hz~

I found one power ac adaptor online with Specifications :

  • Input: 220V, 50Hz 24WA
  • Output: AC17V 600mA 20VA
  • Plug: 220V Europlug
  • Prong Connector: 3-Pin Din Round connector

Would this work as a replacement, please? If not, what model and where can I purchase one?

That’s a pretty big place, “outside USA”, could you be more specific? Even within Europe, there are many types of connectors at the mains (input) side.

This probably means:

  • Output is AC (not DC)
  • Voltage is 18 volts X 2, so probably an 18-0-18V transformer
  • Current rating in 1.4 amperes
    … so it’s basically just a transformer, with a particular connector.

The one in your link is only 600mA, so can’t deliver the required current.

I found this on The Thomann UK website, which appears to be an exact replacement:
That has a standard 2-pin mains plug (a “shaver” connector), so, as there’s no requirement for an earth (“ground”) connection, you could use a simple shaver adapter of the type sold in every airport to connect it to the local main supply. Thomann also supply a Euro-UK adapter which is a better, more permanent solution if you’re intending to use it in the UK or Ireland.