24/96 issues

I have two problems. I want to create a DVD-A. I added markers to the file, created and audio montage, and added it to the DVD-Audio window. I edit the info in options, then click burn, and I get the following message:

“Please set this Audio Montage in mode DVD-Audio.”

I can’t for the life of me figure out what is going on.

Also, is there any way to save the marker files as separate 24/96 tracks? In other words, I have a master file, it has 2 marker tracks, and I want to create two separate audio files. In CD mode, I know I can click Burn as Separate Tracks.

Thanks for any help.

Do it from this dialog.
Accessed when you create the motage, or later from:
For the second question, I don’t see what you mean. What are you doing exactly in CD mode?

Is there a link pointing to the dialog? Where is that image stored?

For the second, what I have is an hour long 24/96 recording of a live show. I put in track markers to delineate each song. Now I want to create separate track files based on each of those markers, so that the songs that are delineated by the markers become their own files.

It used to be easy to do when working with 16/44 files, as I inserted the markers, add them to a basic CD project, and click burn as separate tracks. I can’t find the equivalent in 24/96 mode. Is there something for exporting as separate tracks in markers?

Ah, the links worked when logged in. Thanks.

There is no equivalence to the Basic Audio CD, but what about this:

I’ll try that and see if works. Thanks!

That worked great. Thanks so much for both!!!