24-EDO Accidentals - What I'm doing wrong?

I have chosen the key of C major and 24-EDO and I would like to enter some quarter tones. If I select a quarter tone accidental Dorico jumps immediately back to 12 EDO. What I’m doing wrong?

With nothing selected on the screen, select 24-EDO from the top of the right panel. Then click the C major in the right panel. Then click it into the score.

There are other ways, but as long as you do the steps in the order above it’ll definitely work.

The key signature looks exactly like the one from 12-EDO but that lets Dorico know to “allow” quarter-tones. This way you could hypothetically mix & match as many tonality systems as you want within the same score, because the’re tied to key signatures so you’re not just setting one for the whole project.

Pianoleo, thank you very much! First I got a crash, second time it works! My mistake was that something was selected in the score or I chose C major first! But now I have no sound and I cannot find the reason!

If you had a crash there’s a possibility that the audio engine has crashed and needs to be closed. Close Dorico, then open Activity Monitor (mac) or Task Manager (Windows) and end the VSTAudioEngine process. Alternatively reboot your computer.
Then reopen Dorico and have another go.

Thank you! Yes, it was the audio engine!