24-EDO Xml Export

Dorico can import 24-EDO Quartertone files from other applications properly, but why doesn’t Dorico export quarter tones (24 EDO).
When I export an 24-EDO file from Dorico and back all quarter tones are gone.

Dorico’s MusicXML export is still at a very rudimentary stage, and detailed information about accidentals is not yet encoded. This is something we certainly plan to address in future.

Will the quarter tone xml export be included in the next update. I would really need it …

Standard quarter-tone accidentals are already exported in MusicXML. I can’t remember exactly when it was added, but certainly it’s working as expected with the built-in 24-EDO tonality system in Dorico 3.5.

Thanks Daniel! This is great news and it works fine. I didn’t try because I didn’t read about this news!
And thanks for all the beautiful work. I recommend to all my students and musician friends to switch to Dorico. Keep the good work going!

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