24 or 27 inch monitor

is 27 too big

That depends on the space available and distance to your eyes… :open_mouth:

I use a 30" mounted.to the wall on an arm. It sits about 2’ in front of me when pushed back. I pull it forward for editing. Resolution I use is 2560 x 1600, so text to my bad eyes is small. Compare the resolution of the monitors you are interested as higher resolution in a smaller size will give you more screen If that is how the specs are in your monitor choices.

basically, what I am saying is compare the screen resolutions as well as physical size.

Plus, a bigger monitor will let you see cows on stripper poles in 4K resolution!!!1!11!!!1!uno

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maybe spoiling the fun, but my advise is to go for higher resoltuion in a manner that it’s still readable. I use a Dell 27 inch monitor with 2560x1440 resolution, which is fine but makes me want higer resultions after a while.

(though the image of cows dancing on a pole did made me spill some beer on the floor)

When you eyes get really bad you’ll want a 44" LG LED television running at 1366x768. I’m surprised at the quality of the display and I reckon it’s given me another year of Cubasing :stuck_out_tongue: I use a 27" second monitor to park my plugins but have to drag them to the LG to modify settings. Whatever it takes!

Having recently gone from 1680x1050 to full HD on two monitors, I think it’s fairly obvious that the graphics design of the Cubase 8 mixer demands at least full HD (1920x1080). Particularly if you can mount the monitors such that you can move them towards you for detail work, what matters is the resolution, not necessarily the physical screen size. What I find is that the mixer at 1920x1080 is more than sufficient for me even at 2 metres distance, but if I have to load e.g. Kontakt with its minuscule fonts, I’ll pull one monitor closer by means of the swivel mount. I considered 27" but it’s too big and heavy for this type of thing, so eventually I settled on 23" (and saved a lot of money as well).

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I have reasonably poor sight and bifocals. I run dual 47 inch monitors set just behind my digital keyboard.

I love them :slight_smile:

Everyone who comes here likes them too

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