25.000 posts reached

Hi all,

This is my 25.000 post here on the forum since 2011, when I joined the forum. Most of the posts were written in the Cubase threads.

Thanks to Steinberg for making this wonderful product. Thanks to all of you, who are contributing here on the forum and helping the others to make music (for fun or for living)! Thanks to all of you for the way, how does this forum work and the face how does it look like. I feel very nice and supporting spirit here on the forum.

I’m happy to be part of Steinberg/Cubase family and I’m always happy to help.


Congrats Martin! You’re a real positive force in the forum.

Congrats Martin, many thanks for your continued presence, it is much appreciated!

Congratulations Martin, thats a whole lotta posts, patience and dedication.

This forum is a place that has sure seen a lot of frustrations over the years but all in the cause of making Cubase better, you have contributed substantially to positive roads forward.

Thanks and regards.

I remember you joining as a mere toddler , changed accounts for one reason or another , left for a good few years and came back and the only three things i recognised in forum were Curteye , Soundman as they both had the same image from 10 years ago and yourself Martin , well done on your resilience , how the hell you done it i don’t know . Btw , when we swapped over form the old forum in 2010 i topped the leader board for 2 years with posts .
Well done chap :wink:

Way to go Martin! Now for the 50.000!

Your politeness, calmness, eagerness, and positivity are very much appreciated.

All the best!

25 thousand posts - that’s almost frightening

Great job!

25,000 posts and countless issues solved.These aren’t just ordinary posts. Thank you for your service, may the force always be with you.

hey martin =)

hope all is well with you =)

Thanks for your help over the years=)
(with various nicknames that shant be spoken out loud;) )

Congrats on your 25K =)

Wow, that’s amazing Martin. Excellent work!

Martin, you should be commended for all the help you have given over the years, well done! :sunglasses:

Congratulations Martin! I’m sure the Steinberg forum base fully endorses you presence here and is fully appreciative of your expertise.
Hope you are blessed for your generosity!

That’s fantastic Martin! A great achievement! :mrgreen:

Your a valuable asset to this forum and to Cubase overall.Quite a few times you have helped me out :smiley:

And your vast knowledge and expertise is greatly appreciated not only by me,but by everyone

Just like Greg Ondo on the Club Cubase hangouts,he,he

Good work Martin, the most important number is the number of people you’ve helped over the years, of course.

Any tips on how you survey the forums? Do you use the ‘new posts’ view and just skim through that way?
Or do you open each forum section independently and read in detail?

My usual habit is to open a bookmark which goes to ‘your posts’ and see if any have activity, and if i have time i go to ‘new posts’ to see the latest posts. Trouble is, sometimes i read a post in Nuendo/Dorico sections as everything shows in ‘new’, i hit reply and realise it’s not Cubase… so sometimes have to delete! :slight_smile:

That is insane! Do you get pay per post? Do Steinberg charge you for storing all your posts? :wink:

Congratulations Martin!

How are your fingers today? :smiley:

Thank you not only for 25k posts but for your support and efforts and also your patience with us, the nervous Cubase users :laughing:
Hope you will not stop typing now to just keep the nice number :smiley:

Cheers and stay healthy and all the best for your future…

I have had some help from Martin years back…excellent

THANK YOU for the remarkable dedication

Congratulations Martin!
Thanks for all your assistance!!

Thanks for all of your support And help much appreciated :ok_hand:

Martin Jirsak: you the man!