25 Interesting Facts About WaveLab


GREAT!!! Good video!! Thanks for sharing.

Great and I think I’ve been using it since version 2!

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I remember getting my first version on Floppy disk…maybe that was a demo. I can’t remember. That was when my daughter was like 1. Now she’s 25.


Thanks for sharing. I was genuinely surprised at what an interesting video that was; whenever I see numbers in the title I tend to stay away but that was great. Is it yours or were you just posting it?

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That was useful - thank you for sharing!

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I have used it since version 2 or before not sure… I got version 2 install… and i still can’t believe we have to use a f*kng dongle to get in… I have lost so much work cuz of that it is unreal… maybe it is time to move into the 21st century… -.- P.S. I did miss some work today cuz of it… the plastic on the key chain loop broke… and I use it every day 24/7/365 I hope Wavelab gets rid of that obsolete system…

Thanks for sharing, it’s a really informative video. Great work