256 group channel limit increase to unlimited, or to 512...

I’m running into problems with the 256 group channel limit in Nuendo. Is there any way that this limit could be removed? I’d be glad to pay extra for this option if necessary. Please let me know if there is currently a way to use more than 256 group channels, or if this issue might be resolved in an upcoming version. Any increase of 2, 4, 40, 512, 1024, or preferably unlimited group channels would be great. Your non-group track count seems to be unlimited, why not let the group channels be unlimited also? Many people don’t use over 256 group channels, but having this increase I believe would be a huge benefit to many Nuendo users. I realize there are other products that offer unlimited buses or group channels, but I often love to work using Nuendo. Thanks for your looking into this. I much appreciate it.

Misop Baynun

Just curious … can you explain …256 groups ???
What the hell are you doing?


I admit that I’m curious as well…

Hmm…My guess that he is a a brand new user with one post and join date shows yesterday…he might be using the word “group” in place of “tracks” :question:
Then again does Nuendo have track limitations ??

I don’t believe Nuendo has track limitations, but it currently has a 256 group channel limit, which is what I’m concerned with. I’ve been mixing since the 80s, and I realize the difference between tracks and group channels (aka buses). I use multiple layers of tracks and buses (group channels) to try to achieve the most natural, three-dimensional sound possible. It’s kind of like parallel processing on steroids. I’m hoping to finish the album that I’m working on using these techniques, and then possibly develop a VST or have my studio process other people’s tracks or mixes using these 3-D techniques–we’ll see. But such has been the case, whenever I request this upgrade to Nuendo, it often gets passed over as if I might not really need that many group channels. But it would save me a great deal of time, as I now have to combine multiple versions of mixes to get an equivalent sound. But since changing the group channel limitation from 256 to 512 or preferably unlimited might not take that long to do by the Nuendo programmers, I wish that they would do this just for the fun of it, if they couldn’t see a reason for it yet. Or just to convince me to purchase and continue using the software in critical mixing applications. As I’m almost sure that no Nuendo user on Earth would be upset if the group channels were increased in number.

Correct, as long as it doesn’t affect other parts of the engine and/or impose other limitations.


For sure, hopefully a group channel increase wouldn’t do that.