27" monitor for Cubase?

Hi there,

I’ve got an old Dell monitor 24" (full HD) that I’m starting to find a bit small for Cubase display.

I don’t have much place at home but I could put a 27" (not bigger) if needed.
Do uou think it will be adapted for Cubase use and what resolution should I choose ? Full HD or 2K (2560 x 1440 WQHD) ?

I’m afraid that the text will be a little too small on a 27" in WQHD resolution…

Don’t worry too much about the resolution making text too small, it’s easy to scale to compensate.
Of course, if you buy a 2k monitor and always scale it 200%… it’s a waste of money… but you will likely scale it only by 125% or 150% at worst, and still get more useable area to work.

Consider investing in a good articulated arm to quickly bring your monitor closer/further depending on the application.
I use a 4k 32inch monitor and I move it frequently back/forth for optimal viewing.

32in 4k is more comfortable at 125% or 150%, but even at 150%, I still have 78% more pixels than FHD would.

Hint: instead of using a 150% scaling on a 3840x2160 resolution, use 100% scaling with a 2560x1440 resolution. You end up with the same results, but it’s a bit easier on your CPU+GPU (you let the monitor doing the scale-up).

On a 2k 27in monitor, if you end up prefering to run it at 2048x1152, you will still have 14% more pixels than FHD. Up to you to figure if it’s worth it for you.

Note also you will enjoy more a top quality FHD, than a cheapo 2k…
No matter the resolution, a poor contrast or too much reflection will make you regret it.
Of course… if money is no object… go for a 4k OLED… :wink:

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27in at 2560 x 1440 fits Cubase very well. If you go 4k, then 32in is my suggestion.

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Thank you so much for your answers.
I thought that using something else than the native resolution of the monitor wasn’t recommended but I guess things have changed in 15 years !

BTW, personally, I still prefer the native resolution with 100% scaling. Still works great. I have some DAWs on 2560x1440, and some on 4k monitors in the studio, Windows, Macs, and Linux machines. On 4k monitors, I find I do have to use 125-150% scaling for my eyeballs, which are not quite what they used to be! I don’t like scaling though, since I often find there’s going to be at least ONE annoying old plugin in a session that doesn’t scale well yet, and it’s worse on Windows than Macs. Things improve every year, though, but it’s not perfect yet, especially on Windows. Macs visually scale much better though as you can imagine. Linux is a different story, but I won’t get into that here since Cubase doesn’t run on Linux!

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