28M and C7.5.1 : "Comfort verb" in cans only (not recorded)

Hi - reading my manual before new DAW shows up.

What is the best way to get comfort verb for the singers into the can … but not have it printed/recorded? From reading the manual I wonder if it is to have direct monitoring checked “ON” in Cubase, as in the example on page 28, but have the Effect Insertion Location set to “MON FX” (the middle position) , as on page 19?

Or is it easier just to skip the REV-X/UR28M thing, and instead just listen to any old reverb set up as an insert on my vocal track, like I used to on my trusty old Delta 66?

Thanks -

The RevX has nothing to do with the FX position. The built-in HW DSP RevX is only for the monitor signal i.e. cannot be recorded (you have plugin RevX for track processing). Which mix is to be “hardwired” can be switched in the control panel.
Reverb can be rather demanding of processor power, so having this integrated in the DSP of the interface specifically for e.g. the artists monitor is very handy.

OK, thanks Brihar.

If you happen to have a moment and know off the top of your head, could you briefly describe the settings needed to get comfort verb into the cans only (i.e., not recorded) please? I guess I couldn’t figure that out from the manual.


Without going into the variations, and leaving the definition of what constitutes a “comfort verb” between you and your artist, I’ll give a simple example as I usually use it.

For various reasons I use Mix 1 for my artist Cue (my cue sends in the mixer are routed to mix 1 in the Control room mixer. Also to be clear, I use mono inputs for the mics (although that’s really neither here nor there).

In the UR Hardware Setup Window (I have this mapped to a Keycommand for convenience) on the reverb Routing tab, set the routing select to Mix 1L/R and set up the reverb according to your taste (Type, Time, Return level etc.)

The Phones 1 are hardwired to mix 1, so these automatically become the artist Phones - turn them up on the UR.
Adjust the amount of signal to send to the Reverb on the Hardware rack in the Cubase mixer console (bottom control).

I think that should cover it.

Thanks, Brihar, ao much simpler than what I was trying to figure out from the manual!

Much appreciated!

(PS - direct monitoring … on?)