2k monitor.There is a way to resize the GUI?

Im using Cubase pro 8.0.40 on WIndows 7 and i have a dell 25" monitor with a screen resolution of 2560x1440.
unfortunately I have to keep my screens away from me. So i have some problems to work in cubase with native screen resolution. Text appears too small, in the plugin too. In the midi editor grid and note are smallest. the gui of some plugin is not resizable, cubase plugin too.
Of course no problem if I choose 1080p resolution. But screen appear a little bit blurry.
There is a way to resize cubase GUI?

Sorry for my very bad english.

Hi. I have same resolution but 27 inch monitor. Have some problems with small gui. I hope Cubase 9 will resolve resisable and bettrr winfows menagment.

Imagine what it looks like on 4k!
We’ve been struggling with this for a few years now.

Hope they resolve it. It’s embarrassing


You’re right, with 4k must be terrible. Anyway… Cubase still the best sequencer for me, but a not scalable GUI could be an annoying problem. I hope they resolve it (Also my eyes). :nerd: :mrgreen:
Steinberg we are all with you, You can do it!! :sunglasses:

My Laptop, which I occasionally run Cubase on, also has a 2560 x 1460 resolution - but on a much smaller screen (12"?)!

Works fine. However, Windows 10 has an adjustment to “change the size of text, Apps, and other Items” which I have set for 175%.

It seems to allow me to view some things - photos, etc - at full resolution while enlarging other things.

Don’t know (doubt) that Win 7 has the same adjustment.

Some programs STILL do not work with this resolution (Quicken 2014). Had to use a cleverly designed (by someone else) “shell” to run it in that apparently misrepresents the screen resolution to Quicken (I think) resulting in usable text and graphics.


It does but it’s wonky.
The hovers on the top menu don’t line up and once you get past 150%… all bets are off!! Yep, just like that Quicken…I don’t have that but the same happens w/C8.5 and Win7 Disgusting.