2nd eLicenser?

How does it work if I buy a second elicenser usb stick? I take my one usb el stick with me in my small laptop travel bag. Can I keep another el stick to use at home at the same time? Or is it just a matter of one el stick being active at a time for my software?

You can’t have the same software licence in two dongles, you can have a spare one in case the travel one breaks and then contact steinberg support to pass your software licence to other dongle

Yep, if you want both dongles to contain a working license, you need to buy 2 licenses.

I keep plugging in and unplugging my USB elicenser each time I switch from my Mac to my PC. Wish there was a way to have 2 separate elicensers with the same license info, but registered to a single user. I can definitely appreciate why that is not acceptable to software manufacturers right now. Maybe a different form of verification sometime in the future could help achieve that. In the mean time plugging it in and out of the different computers is a bit of an inconvenience, but gets the job done!

I totally agree, it would be nice to have the option of the two elicensers with the shared software license maybe if you have your master dongle say your main one then you could have your other dongle that is linked however you would need to have an internet connection with a passcode for the “linked” licenser. In the control centre you could then set one dongle as your master which shows you bought the product and the other as your sub linked. When you want to use the program you plug it in go online or open your licenser centre. Choose activation, type in your passcode for that sub elicener and it is turned on for one session.
Every time you close your season your say “temp” activation would shut off. Maybe that sounds a little to complicated however just an idea I thought I would shoot out there. :smiley: