2nd Hand Cubase Question...

Hi Folks,

Have posted some queries before and very impressed with the responses. I have a new query here and really need your help!

I managed to buy Cubase 6 from the internet and the guy I bought it from deleted his registration via MySteinberg. All good. However, this Cubase 6 is actually an update from Cubase 4. Thankfully the seller has also supplied Cubase 4 in the package BUT without the Installation code.

My new PC, which Cubase will be installed to, isn’t being bought til next month so I can’t test this yet but I just wondered if I am going to encounter any problems getting Cubase 6 to work for me. Will I have to install Cubase 4 first? If so, will I need an Installation code, which he didn’t supply). Here’s what he included in package:

Cubase 6 Installation DVD (Update from Cubase 4/5)
Cubase 6 Installation Code
Steinberg Elicenser Dongle
Cubase 4 Installation CD (no installation code)

Thanks for reading.


if the previous user activated Cubase 6 you don’t need the activation code, as the license is permanently stored on the dongle - the activation code won’t actually work, as they are supposed to be used once to download the license.

Please, open the eLicenser Control Center (Start -> eLicenser -> eLicenser Control Center and verify that the Cubase 6 license is listed on the right pane). You can do this on any computer on which the eLCC is installed (no need to also install Cubase) - it can be downloaded here: http://www.elicenser.net/en/latest_downloads.html

Also, you won’t need to install Cubase 4, the Cubase 6 installation is self-contained and just requires the correct license.

Updates for any software can be found here: http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads.html (Cubase 6 latest patch is 6.0.7).

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Wow, a response from Steinberg! Thank you! I’m not being sarcastic, seriously.

Just to be clear, the previous user DEACTIVATED his account or whatever it is called (he followed the Resale Wizard guidelines I sent him). So, if I am not mistaken, there will be no licenses on the dongle.

Also, as I said, I don’t get my PC until next month. I just wanted this query answered before then so that I can have a hassle-free installation.

Could you run me through the process I will need to have a hassle-free installation?

From what I can gather

  1. I download the latest copy of eLicenser Control Center
  2. I install Cubase 6 UD (using the activation code from the leaflet in the box)
  3. ?
  4. ?
    etc ?

Sorry if I sound really stupid but I’ve never installed Cubase before so this is all new to me. My last PC was bought from a custom PC company and as I bought Cubase SL 2.0 it came already installed.

As has been stated, the license is permanently on the dongle. You just need to REGISTER it as being owned by you.
Please read Fabio’s post again carefully. Your questions have been answered.

You’d better be mistaken as there has to be a license on the dongle, even if the previous owner deregistered his account.

Edit: I see Jaslan posted just before me :unamused:

Jeez, what a complete idiot I am. Thanks guys. Yup, de-registered, got my wording wrong.

Welcome to the club ! :laughing:

Just wanted to let anyone who cares, know that Cubase 6 installed without a hitch. Sweet!