2nd Post - Audio Pitch Bend?

Aloha Steinberg Meisters!

Still in the A/B process between Cubase and my 5 year loyalty to Studio One… I am really loving Cubase.

Though we have all been spoiled by Ableton, is there a quick way to pitch bend an Audio loop/clip in Cubase?

Easiest way would be for there just to be an effect function I could automate… I’ve tried the Pitch Correct Plugin but I couldn’t get it to sound good, perhaps I’m automating the wrong function in it.

In Studio One I’d have to drag the sample into their sampler and modulate with the pitch wheel & bounce/render back into the project.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance for the help


Page 410


When I checked the manual before I couldn’t find it, and pg 410 is primarily for midi correction. I’m not seeing anything in there for audio pitch automation, I could be blind though. :smiley:


Yep a sampler is the only way I know how to do it. The Cubase midi pitch wheel is really pretty limited in how far down/up you can pitch, so if that’s an issue you may be able to go more extreme by using the pitch wheel in the sampler.

Oh… the manual I’m looking at shows “Using envelope based Pitch Shift” which is for audio, although it probably is still not what you’re wanting, but I thought I’d draw your attention to it anyway :slight_smile:

That sounds like exactly what I might need. I just have a bounced audio loop I want to slowly detune and pitch down leading into a break. Would the envelope do the trick?

I’ve also only downloaded the Elements version so that function may not be included, or I may just need to jump into Ableton real quick. :smiley: I didn’t realize what an important tool this is still I started googling it. Their are quite a few threads of people desiring to switch to this or that DAW from Live but won’t till this feature is in there.

I’m more of a traditional composer vs. DJ so I don’t use it quite as often on loops, usually just for instruments with the pitch wheel.

Thanks again.


If you’re doing things like pitch shifting in to breaks you might want to look at effectrix by sugar bytes.

Find your audio clip in the pool, change the algorithm to “elastique Pro - Tape” and select the Musical Mode. Go back to the arrange window and make sure that the “toggle time base between musical and linear” is set to musical on the track that you want a “vinyl” break applied. Make some drastic tempo changes.

Not sure if this is the effect you want, hope this help.

Yes it will do that, but I think it’s a full version only “feature”

Great suggestions, thanks everyone!

I think I’ll wait till I have the full version to play with before resurrecting the topic.

Great idea on Sugar Bytes as well, I’ve always heard their effects were great, but with Ableton I never needed anything on the warping and mangling side of the house :smiley: