2nd video track for film composers

Dear Steinberg Team,

Please add ability to have two video tracks in the Project window. This is so that we - film composers - can compare the previous and the new film cuts (new film’s edited version) and figure out how I where to move music cues according to the new film edit.

Thank you!

I’m not sue this will ever happen as Nuendo can have multiple Video Tracks. It also has 2 marker tracks which is something I would love but I’m not sure why Steinberg would add features to Cubase that make people want to buy Nuendo.

Nuendo is for video scoring. They won’t do what you want because they want you to buy Nuendo.

Steinberg, please let us BUY the second video track option for $29.99. We need it. We can’t afford Nuendo.

Very much in favour of this. Would be happy to buy the additional feature for $$.