2x MIDI in for layers

Is there a way to send 2 MIDI in signals to a layer?
I have a midi keyboard and a Line6 FBV Express foot controller.
I would like to use the Line6 foot controller to operate the Quick Controls in HalionSonic and of course play with the midi keyboard at the same time.
My expression pedal is also the FBV.

VST Live 2

I don’t think VL2 has a merge function (yet :blush:), but you can achieve your goal by using these 2 freewares:

First, you have to create 3 MIDI cables in loopMIDI with the names “Keyboard”, “FBV” and “Keyboard+FBV” (you have to set the name before adding a new cable).

In Soundigy MIDI Patchbay settings, choose “Keyboard” and “FBV” as MIDI inputs 1 & 2 and “Keyboard+FBV” as MIDI output 1. Then you can use the panel to link inputs 1 & 2 with output 1 and this will do a perfect merge. Save the Patch.

Then, in VL, create a MIDI input with “Keyboard+FBV” and affect it to your layer input.

That’s the way I solved the same problem. I had to control Guitar Rig 7 with 2 MIDI Bluetooth footswitches (Behringer FCB1010/UnO2 with a Yamaha MD-BT01 and a M-Vave Chocolate).

To make the whole system startup easier, I wrote a .bat file that launches the MIDIberry-M (Bluetooth bridge), the MIDI Patchbay and Pure Data (for scripting) programs with Windows, then launches VL2.

Thanks for the quick answer!
I know how to work around it. But that’s not what I want to do in a live situation. I’m working on stage with REASON STUDIOS at the moment and it works well there and a lot more that VST Live 2 can’t do at the moment related to playing keyboards.
I thought I might switch to VST Live because it’s closer to Cubase and because of the track, video and DMX features. But it looks like that won’t be possible in the near future. I miss many more features, especially switching midi on and off for multiple instruments with the same FBV switch e.g. in HalionSonic. With my current setup, I turn the midi input off for 5 sounds while others turn on at the same time and also the FX parameters change, all with the same button with one step on my FBV.
I don’t know how I could handle this in VST Live at the moment.

I’m not used to VL 2, as I wait for some bugs removed, before I will switch. In VL 1 you can use virtual MIDI. Make one Layer with input Keyboard and output virtual MIDI 1. Make a second Layer with input Line 6 and output also Virtual MIDI 1. Now yoou can use virtual MIDI 1 in any layer with the combined MIDI messages of both. I thin, thats also be true for VL 2.

  • create a Layer with the Instrument of your choice. Set its Input to where the keyboard is connected
  • create a 2nd Layer, set its Instrument to Shared/Part 1 Layer 1 or whatever the first Layer is
  • set the Input of the 2nd Layer to where your controller is connected
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@pino-g : you cannot disable midi inputs, but you can mute Layers. See “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts “, where you can control a lot of actions, also several at once with the same midi message.

Yes, thank you! I did mute the layers in HalionSonic. I found that inbetween.