3:2 Tuplet Beaming

As far as I can tell, in simple meters (2/4, 4/4) quarter note triplets have rest & note groupings of three quarter notes, but eighth notes beam as two dotted quarters (two groups of three rather than three groups of two).

Besides manually beaming together, does anyone know a way I can get Dorico to automatically beam two eighths rather than three? I’m happy to use a different ratio tuplet, but I haven’t found any combination which works.

At the present time there’s no way to influence the beat grouping inside a tuplet, but it’s definitely something we plan to add in future.

Rats, I was hoping for at least a trick for the time being. I have about half an act of an opera which will be in 6/4 against 4/4. I think for my purposes now I will have the 6/4 be the global time signature and use hidden duplets or quadruplets. It’s only adjusting beaming, but I suspect it will save a lot of time. Thanks.