3.5 condensing bug with bar repeats and divisi

As you can see, the bar repeats (bar 3&4) are not displayed correctly when using divisi in section player condensing in the Soprano I.
condensing bug.dorico.zip (553 KB)

Please tell me you’re not really notating “Lux Aurumque” using repeat bars!

I can confirm the problem, which looks like another example of some of the problem we sometimes see at the boundary between unison and divisi music. I would suggest for the time being that you move the divisi to a different rhythmic position to work around this limitation for the time being. We are planning a more radical rework of the way unison music is handled before and after divided passages which will hopefully eradicate a number of these kinds of problems (and hopefully not introduce too many more!), but that is a bigger job that we will have to tackle as part of a major release cycle, so you shouldn’t expect any significant changes in this area imminently.

Dear Daniel,
Thank you!

And let me assure you: this score is never meant to be performed :smiley:
It is an ear training assignment, and I just wanted to try out the new condensing capabilities.
I have a two staff reduction, in which it will be actually notated. :wink: