3.5 Elements Activation Fail

I have just tried to log into the shop but got the password wrong and then on reset the password I was told I was not authorized to access this portal and I remember that you can only access it when you place an order and so I went to submit a ticket and then I have to find an authorized dealer which would be a physical shop in Australia when I am in New Zealand and I am thinking to myself are you serious I have spent $1,000 here actually more and I can’t even access an invoice but I never got an email I never got an invoice and at this point I’m thinking I’m done with this I mean it’s like buying a new car and finding that the key is not the right one but when you go back to the showroom nobody is there period

There is nothing in my account to download this so called invoice and I cannot access the shop because I’m not authorized to So no wonder people go to the pirate Bay and I mean that with all sincerity I don’t blame a single person for going to the pirate Bay or wherever they go to get their cracks of software

This is not aimed at you but I’m done with this you know there’s a facility to sell on your software but I was not even issued with a polite email of purchase and all I have is my receipt from PayPal stating it’s for Steinberg and he living. I think this whole situation is quite diabolical and I see my sentiments echoed around the forum of Steinberg.

At this point I give up I just don’t know where to take it from here I mean I would willingly give my password to a worthy member of Steinberg to look into my account it is just a diabolical mess with this changing licensing and yet I sold my presonus studio one 4 professional last night and it couldn’t have been so easier and it took less than 5 minutes to do the whole transaction.

It’s bedtime here it’s gone midnight and I am more disillusioned with Steinberg then you could ever imagine

Kindest, Stephanie

Please send me a private message including your AskNet registered email address and I will do what I can to help you obtain the invoice you are missing.