3.5 Elements Activation Fail

I have sent several messages to Dorico on Facebook and the admin in the UK on the other end don’t seem to understand my dilemma but it’s real and convoluted concerning the new Steinberg licensing system.

I have purchased Dorico 3.5 elements and I have purchased Cubase 12 Pro. This was some time ago and my problem is that on the new licensing system the new manager the only software displaying that I own and is activated on my only laptop is cubase 12 Pro. It also states that I have the free Dorico 4 SE.

However on my e-licenser it states that I have Dorico 3.5 elements and it states that I have cubase elements 11 and sequel 3 free and sequel 3. (I upgraded to cubase 12 Pro from 11 elements) THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION ON THE E-LICENSER THAT I HAVE UPGRADED TO CUBASE 12 PRO AND ON THE NEW STEINBERG ACTIVATION MANAGER THERE IS NO MENTION THAT I PURCHASED AND UPGRADED TO DORICO ELEMENTS 3.5.

Dorico UK could not understand my dilemma but basically I wanted to take advantage of the Black Friday Dorico 4 Pro half price offer but because Dorico elements 3.5 is not showing on the new Steinberg activation manager I cannot upgrade because the only place it is showing is on the e-licenser and if you actually delve deeper into my account you can actually see three programs that are on the e-licenser but once again no mention that I actually purchased cubase 12 Pro.

This all happened at the time the new Steinberg activation manager came out and I was told they were phasing out the e-licenser and bringing it all into the new activation Steinberg manager but what has happened is that not all of my paid for software has been transferred and I cannot physically purchase Dorico 4 Pro because the process will not acknowledge that I am the legal owner of Dorico elements 3.5 it only says I am the owner of the free Dorico 4 and I am rather upset to say the very least as an amateur musician who doesn’t make a dime from music and I’m in the process of learning the fine arts of music production

I spent $1,000 with native instruments and purchased komplete 13 ultimate bundle Plus bitwig studio for and FL studio all plugins and I’ve never ever had any issues with any software that I have purchased but Steinberg is a nightmare and what I need is for all of my paid for software to show up on the new Steinberg activation manager and that is what the failure is because it will not acknowledge any upgrade with it just being on the e-licenser. And even that doesn’t even show that I purchased cubase 12 Pro half is on the e-licenser half is on the new Steinberg activation manager and this is not good enough because whenever you want to get hold of anybody from Steinberg nobody is available there’s nowhere to email just absolutely nothing and not everybody earns big money from creating beats and 500 bucks or a thousand bucks or even 200 bucks it’s actually more than what I spend on food a week.

I’m trying to do the right thing here by purchasing all my software as I can and I saw the Dorico 4 pro offer half price but I will have to pay the full price as if I’ve never ever paid anything on Dorico and even though Dorico 3.5 elements is a basic step up from the intro of Dorico It did actually cost me nearly $200 and I need someone who has the authority to sort my activation out because this is not my fault.

Dorico 4 SE was automatically installed on my laptop at some point and this afternoon I’ve had to uninstall it and physically download the software I bought 3.5 elements and install it but still I have Dorico 3.5 elements showing on the e-licenser but not on the Steinberg licensing manager and I have cubase Pro 12 showing on the Steinberg manager and not on the e-licenser

I just want the kudos rebate if I upgrade to Dorico 4 Pro and why should I have to pay full price just because it doesn’t display on the correct license ?

It’s extremely worrying parting with any more money when this happens and there’s no one to contact and yet other companies like native instruments and even bitwig get back to me within 24 hours.

I know I’ve done everything right but head office HQ need to sort my licensing out and from what I read I’m not the only one in this situation.

Kindest, Steph

Acer Nitro 5 515-54
Intel i5-9300H
2.4Ghz Quad
32 Gig Ram
6TB SSD (3x2TB)
Windows 11 Home 22H2

Dorico 3.5 uses the OLD elicenser tech. This is completely SEPARATE from the newer Steinberg licensing software. So, you need to run two separate things to have both software operate: the old elicenser software and the new Steinberg license manager (all new programs are migrating to the latter).

Also, the records of your purchases should show in your Steinberg account, regardless of what each respective licensing schema shows. It is this record that will determine upgrade eligibility, if I understand the system correctly.

Yes I have the e-licenser running and I have the Steinberg activation manager running but in order for me to upgrade to Dorico Pro 4 I need Dorico 3.5 elements to show on the new Steinberg manager but it is on the e-licenser so pray tell how do I upgrade and purchase the offer of Half Price dorico Pro 4 when it says on the Steinberg activation manager that I don’t own any dorico products ? There’s no way for me to upgrade there is no upgrade button and it’s not physically possible because the license is missing on the new license system

I fully understand you saying they work on different licenses but both licenses are running at this moment but I cannot upgrade and take advantage of Dorico half price because it will want me to pay the full money half price and I’ve already purchased 3.5 elements

It would seem that nobody can understand my dilemma but I cannot physically upgrade from 3.5 to 4 Pro with Dorico It won’t let me it physically won’t let me it says I only have the free version Dorico 4

Did you purchase elements 3.5 under a different Steinberg ID?

You should have to log in on steinberg’s website to purchase the cross grade; it should show up there. If it’s not showing up there, you must have used a different Steinberg ID.

No I only use the one email of which is my name at Gmail and I originally purchased cubase elements 11 but I also purchased Dorico 3.5 elements at the same time because it was all I could afford and then at a later date I upgraded to cubase 12 Pro but could not afford Dorico but the upgrade was roundabout the same time as Steinberg initiated the new activation manager I can provide photos and screenshots and probably bank statements and everything else but I only have the one Steinberg ID but it is a complete diabolical situation with the activation

The problem is it is not showing up on the Steinberg activation manager All that shows up there is that I have purchased cubase 12 Pro and also the free Dorico Yes in my account it shows that I have purchased Dorico 3.5 elements and it is also on the e-licenser but I cannot upgrade to 4 Pro Dorico because it is not on the new Steinberg activation manager for some reason it needs to be on the Steinberg activation manager that I have purchased Dorico 3.5 elements there is no physical way that I can see of doing it because there is no upgrade button and there is no mention of it in the manager the new manager

Of course it is in my account and also on the e-licenser but the problem is that it needs to be on the new Steinberg activation manager and it is not written there. It’s a worry because money is precious to me

Okay I am looking at my account now I am in my Steinberg account My products it’s got my email address It lists three products
Cubase elements 11
Dorico elements 3.5
Sequel 3 free


On the e-licenser on my laptop all it lists are the three items that are in my account and doesn’t mention cubase 12 Pro

Something tells me there is something seriously wrong here and I have spent a lot of money Well a lot of money for me

All of this is spoken warmly

Your Steinberg Licensing products will be listed here:

This article explains how upgrading works if you have an eLicenser-based product such as Dorico Elements 3.5:

Dorico Elements 3.5 uses the eLicenser system. When you purchase the Dorico Pro 4 upgrade from Dorico Elements 3.5, you’ll receive a Download Access Code that will upgrade the license in your eLicenser Control Center, and then add a Dorico Pro 4 license to the Steinberg Activation Manager. It’s that simple.

I am just going through my PayPal payments and on the 18th of May I made a payment via PayPal to the Steinberg online shop for $493

That will be for cubase 12 Pro upgrade from cubase 11 elements

I have found a payment from the Google Play store in 2020 for the Android cubasis of which I got at a discount

I will be searching PayPal for the two payments for Dorico 3.5 elements and also cubase 11 elements

Rest assured I am a fashion designer with my own enterprise and I am a part-time music tinkerer and I am speaking 100% the truth and I have purchased all of these softwares but they are not registered properly in my account and I would like this rectified please by someone who has the authority to go into my account.

I will endeavor to find those two payments for Dorico 3.5 and cubase 11 elements of which I made on the same day but I am wading through many many thousands of dollars paid out to software companies for music software from native instruments bitwick studio FL studio Zero G and many others

I wish to purchase Dorico 4 Pro but before I do so my licensees need to be put in order but I have taken a photo of the payment to Steinberg for $493 on the online shop made in May and I will endeavor to find the other two payments but I speak 100% the truth and I’ve already lost money over the last 10 years to three companies of which I will not name here but I’m not going to lose any more money but music is my life even though I’m not a professional

Thank you


Slow down. Have you read my post above at all?

There’s nothing out of the ordinary going on here. Both Cubase Elements 11 and Dorico Elements 3.5 use the eLicenser system exclusively. Their licenses aren’t supposed to show up in the Steinberg Activation Manager. Please take a look at the article I linked and follow the instructions.

Is your Cubase Pro 12 license working normally?

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Yes my cubase 12 Pro works perfectly and is the only paid software to show in the new Steinberg activation manager

When I open up Dorico 3.5 Elements there is no upgrade button and obviously it is not in the Steinberg activation manager so I cannot click “BUY” so I cannot see a way to upgrade 3.5 elements to Dorico 4 Pro without buying Dorico 4 Pro FULL of which ATM is $477 on special whilst the upgrade from 3.5 to 4Pro is $411.

The only way I can buy Dorico 4 Pro is by navigating manually in the SB shop and buying the upgrade from 3.5 elements but if my new LICENSING is not showing I have 3.5 elements then I figure it will not activate but I don’t know I will read your link. (the new FREE Dorico 4 SE has an “UPGRADE” button but 3.5 hasn’t.

To reiterate the only place that states I have purchased cubase 12 Pro is in the new activation manager, It is not stated in my account or in my e-licenser but at least I have the receipt for that purchase.



Hello I read your article and I clicked on the link to show all of the licenses in my account and noticed that Dorico elements 3.5 was not listed only the free 4 SE

But from what is written i gather that I go into the shop and choose upgrade from 3.5 elements Dorico to Dorico 4 Pro currently at $411 and then get the access code put it in and everything should be perfect :slight_smile:

I will have a cup of coffee and then muser up the courage to take the plunge with my money and see what happens :slight_smile: slight chuckles here, I might be back :slight_smile:

Have a fantastic day or evening and thank you so much for all your support … So far :slight_smile:

It’s definitely not ideal that new Steinberg Licensing-based licenses and older eLicenser-based licenses don’t appear in the same place on our web site, and are shown in two different applications on your computer. We are working to complete the transition from eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing so that we can at least partially unify the way this information is presented to you.

If you go here and sign in with your Steinberg ID, you’ll see your Cubase Pro 12 and Dorico SE 4 licenses shown directly, and a button to click to view your eLicenser-based licenses, which will then take you to the old MySteinberg site, where your Dorico Elements 3.5 license should appear. If your Dorico Elements 3.5 license doesn’t appear there, click the big red “Register / Activate Software” button, and follow the prompts through there to associate your Dorico Elements 3.5 license with your Steinberg ID.

If you have a Dorico Elements 3.5 license, you are definitely eligible for the Dorico Pro 4 upgrade, if you want to buy it.