3/8 Tremolo and Force Duration

I’m copying a piece in 3/8 time, with tremolos in the strings for the whole bar. When entering the notes (as two dotted 8ths), they appear as dotted 8th, then 16th tied to 8th (even though in Notation Options, I have selected dotted 8ths as the default for 6/8).

The tremolo button on the right panel will not work for these two notes; you have to delete your notes, go into Force Duration, and re-enter both notes as dotted 8ths.

It would be nice if Force Duration were not necessary in this situation. Maybe the tremolo button could recognize that both notes are the same duration, and convert the notation as necessary? Or maybe I’m missing something in the settings?

It’s not a big deal of course, but I haven’t seen it posted here.

Aha! Right after I posted this I saw fratveno’s reply to another beaming question. If I put in the time signature as [3]/8, then presto, I get two dotted 8ths. So that works - thanks fratveno!

For tremolos, I still think it would be nice at some point for the tremolo button to recognize equal durations, even if they’re notated differently.