3 Annoyances for a Pro Tools man coming to Cubase.

3 Serious annoyances I’ve noticed being on Cubase for about 4 months now coming from Pro Tools.

Now these 3 annoyances aside I LOVE cubase over PT for every reason that is not mention. It is only these 3 issues.

  1. Is there a way to “link” this key editor and project editor windows “selector”(pointer, drawer, eraser, line etc.)

I’m so sick of pressing “8” for draw and it triggers the wrong window because I switched windows on my screens.

  1. Also toggling between “lock to grid” and not to grid is soo annoying. Drawing while in Lock to grid mode makes it so you can’t draw very detailed(only makes an event on the grid so drawing in expression lines you need to toggle all the time.

  2. Also… If I"m listening to my project and need something to edit while its auto scrolling and press stop, it zooms back to the beginning and I lose my place. But I need auto scroll on. So thats annoying.

If any one has any solutions for these 3 annoyances I will be soooo grateful!

Hello, and welcome! :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, it is. In the Preferences > Editing > Link Editors (switch it On).

  2. Yes, you are right. If you switch the Snap (lock) on, it snapping all data, it means, MIDI CCs too,automation too. You can use the “J” key for fast switching Snap On/Off.

  3. You can choose, if you want to jump to beginning by pressing Stop, or not. This is in the Preferences > Transport > Return to Start Position on Stop. Uncheck this, and the Stop will works, as Pause, it means, the playhad stays in the same position. Or, you don’t need to stop your playhad, you can just start editing, listen the project next. Cubase switch off the Autio-scroll mode. You can edit. If you want to switch Auto-scroll On back, you can press the “F” key.


Its well worth trawling through Cubases Preference settings, get to know whats there and just play about with them to see what happens.

You can also set custom key commands to preference settings. For example I have the ‘return to start position on stop’ preference mapped to a key for quick toggling between the two modes.

Best of luck

Thanks for the replies. I’ll make a key command to toggle and it looks like I’m stuck doing that for 2 and 3.

As for #1 Link Editors in preferences does not link “tool buttons”. I already checked. There are tool buttons displays on both the project and the key editor. But press “pencil” in the project doesn’t make the key editor switch. This is really annoying is there any other way to make them link?

The key command for “Snap” is preloaded in Cubase - just hit the letter “J” to toggle. You can always change it if you like, of course!

Yes, you are right. Link Editor links the position of displaying (unfortunately, not reliably, it’s OK, when playhead is moving only), and playback. Not tools. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to link tools.

Best advise I can offer is to get used to using the alt/cntrl modifier keys to access the pencil/cut tools when the arrow tool is selected. I tend to use modifiers far more often than actually switching tools.

again good luck

Any Tab To Transient Option in Cubase ???

Unfortunately not yet… Unless you use it after you detect hitpoints in the sample editor… I still haven’t figured out why they implemented it in that…

You can hold down the Ctrl key to temporarily disable snapping - but it only works for sizing events and may not help much for what you need to do.

Also, when the project is scrolling click up on the ruler with the mouse to position the cursor approximately where you want to stop before hitting stop - this should help with the auto-scroll madness (you just have to get in the habit of doing it).

great advice. Thanks guys!