3 Dorico/Note Performer questions

First, thanks for the NP update. But:

  1. Is it possible to not have the mixer as a floating window? I want it within reach but not covering a lot of space on the screen.
  2. It would be good to press e.g. P to commence playback without having to click the Dorico window after changing something in the mixer.
  3. Having several staves with percussion it would be good to change the name in the mixer from Orchestral Percussion to whatever is sounding on that channel. Now I have to click a note to see which one is having that particular instrument.

If these things are already there, please let me know how to achieve them.

I fear most of your expectations should come from Arne Wallander more than from the Dorico team.
Personally, I find using @David_Tee’s NP (SO) playback template really nice (each instrument gets one instance of NotePerformer so you don’t need NP’s mixer(s), everything is handled by the Dorico mixer).

Thank you Marc, where do I find his template?

I minimize the mixer window so that I can quickly pull it up when I need to. I’m not going back and forth between them every few seconds though.

One thing that would really help things generally is if Dorico had a MIDI mute instead of an audio mute. That way you can mute players, and it just won’t send the MIDI data to the underlying instrument.

Right now it’s audio mute, so you have to open the VST to mute the channel you care about.

Thanks a lot Marc, I’ll try it soon.
notpat, I cannot minimise the NP mixer. When I click minimise my main window goes into the dock.