3 monitors PCI suggestions

Does anyone here use 3 monitors in Windows 10?
I basically have 3 monitors available and would love to use them all. They all have different sockets VGA, hdmi and DVI .

I’ve attached a picture of the ideal card. I’m yet to come across a card where the 3 outputs work at once.
Ideally the card would not be graphics intensive and also would work nicely alongside heavy audio usage.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

When I started using 4 monitors I needed a new card to support that many. The GTX970 (probably obsolete by now :confused: ) I got works fine. Look at some commercial DAW builder’s sites and see what cards they are using for multi-monitor configurations. Most likely it will be gamer stuff.

I am also using 4 monitors. The card attached is the very old AMD HD6970 which has 6 outputs.

I guess on my next update will be looking towards the nVidia NVS or a low end Quadro series.

hope this helps.