3 operas in 2 years!

In November 2018, I started working on an edition of Antonio Lotti’s last opera, Teofane. I’d attempted it many years earlier in Finale, with each aria and recit as a separate file, but the project was going nowhere until I imported it all into Dorico.

Dorico’s ability to make each Scene, aria and recit as a new Flow, following on from the last, with a heading in between, made the whole thing not only possible, but a doddle. The entire layout was pretty passable before a single manual adjustment is made. Plus a Table of Contents!

I followed this with a second opera, Alessandro Severo, again from incomplete Finale files, and completed the score for that last summer.

The third one, Polidoro, I did from scratch in Dorico, starting in April this year, typing it all in from the manuscript (and even finding some missing bits).

This, amongst a slew of other work (and ‘family commitments’).

So, just to say that without Dorico, I’d still be sitting on a bunch of files and not even close to producing just one complete score, to say nothing of parts.

Work continues: 4 more complete sources to input, plus the fun of reconstructing others from bits.

Thank you Ben. I will have to find some time to look through what you have there, inspiring to see your other publications also.
(I made a small donation for your dedicated work and thanks for helping us here too)


Very cool!