3. Party presets in Retrologue

How do I install or place those? I have tried different alternatives but Retrologue “refuses” to scan them and I cannot find any browser system or insall system for help. Anyone?

UPDATE: I have found a user folder and if I place 3. party presets there, and that is the ONLY place I place them, Retrologue finds them (If the presets are placed anywhere else in addition, Retrologue won’t find them. Strange).

However presets are now displayed alphabetically together with the all the factory presets. Preset folder name and subfolders are gone. Takes forever to find what you need so you also need to open the preset folder on the hard disc to see the category. This is the only synth I know of where you need to do that. Seems like programming from last century, or am I missing something? Is it my fingers or is this another confirmation why I don’t use Steinberg plugs as much??? Anyone knows how to make folders re-appear?